#47 The Gyms-Fire- Vs Ralts

Hello everyone,this is the end of the not so good but with good leads Fire Gym(doubles). Ralts totally countered me xD,it even looks cool.GG Ralts=) This battle is old I havent had gyms activity lately,but im returning since school ends in July 8th.Then expect like many uploads! About this battle,what I already said: Ralts totally countered me with that vaporeon xD,and most of his pokemon were fast,like latias weavile or frosslass,that hurted me.Idk what was in my mind when I created bulky moltres for a doubles team,it really isnt that good.Again,GG ralts! I will do my best at making the Ground gym,I hope I dont make “just another SS team”. Thanks for watching!

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