A Cute Baby Seal Pup

Cute, eh? Sadly, in Canada close to 300000 poor, defenceless baby seal pups (most between 2-WEEKS and 3 months of age) are brutally murdered every year in the annual, government-sanctioned commercial seal hunt – all for the sake of fashion, vanity, politics, money and greed. Many are even skinned alive while conscious. (What kind of heartless human being could even think of doing such a thing!?) Polls consistently show that most Canadians oppose this ‘hunt’, but still the Canadian government and fishing industry refuse to end it. This senseless killing MUST STOP NOW! Everyone with a soul & a heart knows that its extremely cruel, barbaric, unethical and inhumane. (Its just wrong on so many levels, and you know it!!) These beautiful creatures have every right to live life and need all the help & support they can get. For more details & to find out how to help please visit these websites: www.StopTheSealHunt.com www.HarpSeals.org www.ProtectSeals.org www.Boycott-Canada.com www.SeaShepherd.org btw for myths & facts about Canada’s COMMERCIAL baby seal slaughter, go here: www.hsicanada.ca ps Ignore all the trolls on here who are trying to justify/support it – this unnecessary BABY seal slaughter is UNJUSTIFIED – there are absolutely NO excuses for it whatsoever. Some people may argue that its ‘traditional’. Well ”tradition’ is NO excuse for brutality, cruelty & suffering. Tradition does not automatically give a person a right to do something. In fact, tradition is NO good

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25 Responses to “A Cute Baby Seal Pup”

  • Abrading1:

    @Biollante246 It’s common knowledge. Do the research if you don’t believe. We need to get the DFO to change the law so it will be legal to hunt the “white-coats”. There would be so much good to come from that.

  • chosarang:

    if there’s an overpopulation, then there are polar bears & whales who can eat the seals. so there should be no reason you to kill seals. there’s an overpopulation of poisonous toads in australia. why don’t you go kill those? those actually pose an ACTUAL problem!

  • samson4474:

    A baby mosquito or fly is also poor and defenseless. As omnivores, humans must kill for survival. Polar bears kill baby seals routinely for food. If killing seal pups is bad, squashing a maggot is equally bad. I do not defend cruelty, but next time you go thru the drive thru for a mcchicken think about the argument here. Maybe we have taken it too far, but to defend one animal against killing you must defend all, including that nasty millipede crawling across the basement floor.

  • blackhawks1818:

    they are cute but canadien goverment does not do a thing to stop seal hunting. poor animals.


  • thefredsays:

    their fur is great for coats. I think people are just in outrage because they are cute. If it were a slug in danger no one would care.

  • team1200:


    Canada is not a country? Eh?

    Then please explain to me, what is Canada?

  • schadenfreudelolz22:

    @team1200 LOL, settle down, dinglenuts. It’s from the South Park movie. Look up “Blame Canada”.

  • team1200:


    lol i know south park, it was made by a Canadian. I just think its kinda stupid

  • Indiky:

    Aren’t they freezing?

  • JoakimfromAnka:

    Cuteness is known to cause love. 😛

  • YuneShik:

    u should pet it. btw FUCK CANADA’S GOVERNMENT

  • 81newfiegirl:

    when are you retards going to realize that we no longer ‘brutally club’ seals? Also, we no longer kill the seals pups anymore either.. it’s illegal to kill them you ignorant idiots! Samson4474 is on the right track when he says to take it all into consideration. The next time you put your grimy paws on a chicken burger or a big mac .. think of the way THOSE creatures were killed and then tell me that the rest of the world is any better… time for you all to wake up and give your heads a shake!

  • pabloelstinky:

    @samson4474 so killing 300,000 defenseless, innocent seals is justified? who the fuck cares about a fucking mosquito they cause west nile and malaria and killing insects in ur house is justified because they r pests bothering u they dont belong in a house

  • Quenziekinz:

    @thefredsays you should never kill a living creature.. bugs are different and for you to make a comment like that is gross.. i hpe you get wacked with a club.. you ungrateful bastard

  • Sticky1254:

    @Quenziekinz Yes lets completely screw up the food chain. Killing things is normal. I’d hate to kill a cute thing too but it’s a vital part of the northern Canadian economy and it’s their long past time. As is making hamburgers for us and the Indians hate it but they don’t come on youtube saying their past time is wrong now do they?

  • Quenziekinz:

    @Sticky1254 past time.. thats just wrong.. you should get wacked with a club… natives they use the whole thing these ppl just kill em for there fur and then throw the rest away.. ad its cruel natives do it as a survival and cultral thing.. these ppl ar just selfish..

  • Quenziekinz:

    @81newfiegirl its not illegal tho thats the thig there still getting killed for a few weeks during the year.. i have been researching and protesting against and not once hav i heard it become illegal..

  • Sticky1254:

    @Quenziekinz Are you plain retarded or just a 10 year old? Listen, that’s like saying me shooting a deer is wrong for the meat to throw the guts away. Past times are past times. That’s like saying there is some country who finds baseball immoral to their religion and calls are “selfish” because we play it. That, and natives are cruel for cultural reasons? Look who the fuck came here, took their land by force, and made the trail of tears for their land. Oh wait, your ancestors. Fucking hippie.

  • Sticky1254:

    @Quenziekinz love the seals, and think they’re cute. But calling people cruel for their tradition is fucking dumb. Stop being a peta douchebag.

  • Pietiman:

    Support Sea Shepherd and STOP the Seal hunt for EVER !!!!!!

  • LordZacknafien:

    I would gladly give my Own Life to protect these cratures because 1:thier cute soft warm and Loveing and 2: they are noble creatures.

  • LordZacknafien:

    @Pietiman Here here my friend! I will back you up on that they shouldent be Killed for any means!.

  • Revanchist8525:

    its fine to have past times but if its wrong like cutting seals while theyre still alive is wrong but i guess you cant change the people who already think its fine

  • Van80crimsfu:

    @Pietiman kill the seals

  • Pietiman:

    @Van80crimsfu what ??? the seal hunt i inhumane and must be Stopped !!!!

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