After school activities part 1

Djanira’s afterschool activity dancing class. This was the last class of the season. new season starts after the holidays, and then other kids get their turn.

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4 Responses to “After school activities part 1”

  • steffelfam:

    Hey , i see you have many fun after the school. I wish i was there.
    xo Luisa

  • spacecow149:

    That looks like fun. 🙂
    Does it snow there?

  • laniramommy:

    we hardly get any snow here 🙁 When I was little we used to get snow , but the passed years we hardly get any at all.
    maybe this year will be different, we’ll see…..

  • laniramommy:

    thanks 🙂
    unfortunatly this was the last class, so the girls will have to wait now. other kids get their turns first.

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