Baby activity center advice…?

Which activity center is best for my 3 month old in your opinion? He sits up good, although he likes to lean forward often. I was thinking the
Graco Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center. What is your advice and your opinions? Going to pick up something later today. Thanks

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  • Ashton's Mommy:

    Well, I haven’t gotten my son an "Activity Center" yet, but he has the Fisher Price Jumperoo. It’s kind of the same thing, has lots of different toys, makes music and sounds, lights up. But he can jump around in it too. It’s great for helping develop their leg muscles. Many babies get an independent streak at about 4 months, and want to try to sit up more on their own and try to move around on their own. My son LOVES the jumperoo.

    I highly recommend getting that for your son if you haven’t got one already. Although at 3 months, it might still be a little big for him, but within a month it should be perfect, or if he’s bigger, it may be perfect now.

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