Baby Gorilla and Human Babies/Children toys play

Babies and Children – Gorilla and Human get acquainted Thegorilla (gorilla gorilla) is the largest of all living primates. These African apes are divided into two species and 4 or 5 subspecies. Their DNA is 97-98% identical to that of humans and they are considered the next closest relative after the chimpanzee. Gorillas can be over 6 feet tall and weight over 500 lbs. They are highly intelligent. Some such as Koko have been taught a subset of sign language. They use tools for a number of purposes. Colo in the Columbus zoo is over 50-years old and the first gorilla born in captivity. The Columbus Zoo, Ohio, is number 1 in the country USA Travel Guide (Columbus Dispatch 2009.03.01 p. A3) APE VIDEOS: GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 1 GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 3 GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 2 GORILLA ATTACKS – PUSHES FRIEND IN WATER BONOBO RECOGNIZES HERSELF IN CAMERA VIEWER Bonobo-A Greeting From A Rare, Endangered, Human-Like Ape Bonobo Display-Male bonobo, the peaceful ape displays Bonobo closest species to human walk upright “wear clothes” World’s Largest Chimpanzee WORLD’S FIRST GORILLA BORN IN CAPTIVITY Ape vs. Monkey GORILLA PLAY “ATTACKS” JACK HANNA, ZOO DIRECTOR EMERITUS WORLD’S FIRST

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20 Responses to “Baby Gorilla and Human Babies/Children toys play”

  • blueshadow1996:

    That was cool.

  • Joey6029:

    Aww, that’s so cute.

  • Joey6029:

    Aww, that’s so cute.

  • ginjet27:

    Poor animal!! He must by free and play in his natural environment!

  • heyhello23:

    Gorillas are one of my favorite animals.

  • Stroopinator:

    Yeah. Free to have his mother poached. Naturally aquire parasites and naturally become sick. Naturally suffer from hunger because of environmental loss due to human encroachment.

    You don’t realize how happy these creatures are in a safe, regulated and controlled environment surrounded by people who love and provide them with medical care.

    I think people like you should be thrown out of your homes, which you didn’t build, naked, and forced to provide for yourselves. See how happy you’d be.

  • jawn108:

    Aww I want to just hug it!

  • Gvanillavodka:

    free as in be happy =[ but i see what ur getting at

  • VanSneiwder:

    yeah but if werent for the poachers i would prefer him in his natural habitat

  • asands123:

    thats a pretty assh*le thing of you to say to someone else. How do you know what animals find happy? Dying and sickness is just apart of nature for animals and a way to strengthen the species itself. Providing for yourselves is exactly gorilla behavior and serves as to show other members who is the alpha gorilla. humans have had to intervene to protect a speicies but don’t kid yourself, an animal wants to find its OWN partner and explore its own environment, not the fake ones we put it in.

  • oranjjjj:

    zoo’s suck. close all zoo’s and put animals in natural environment (parks)

  • uanimale:

    i see a bunch of apes.

  • CarlitoJohnson:

    lol yh. but it would squeeze the life outta you, no kidding

  • bud389:

    gorillas are far superior to chimps, and far more respectable.

  • epochdei:

    I say, if they are born in captivity, then let them be, they dont know anything else, and no wild animal will eat them or thier babies in the nite.

    I dont agree with the caging of a wild animal, but MOST animals in alot of zoo’s are born in captivity.

  • booshie2007:

    evolution is real

  • TropicalJosh:

    cept for the ones (which is alot of them) that help reintroduce endangered ones back out into the wild after keeping them in habitat to increase their numbers…you don’t mean those ones too do you?

  • Thewoog:

    Gorillas are generally peaceful by nature, and only attack when threatened. Chimps, on the other hand, attack sometimes without reason.

  • monkeytwineball:

    But chimps are kind of adorable.

  • VintageAntique:

    @booshie2007 Oh really? I’m guessing you’ve been on earth since the beginning of time to know.

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