Baby Product Review (Part 1 of 3)

SORRY for the lack of intro to this video. We forgot to film it haha!!! The camera was on pause. So it jumps right in without a “hello!” Let me know if you have any other questions about the products I show. Things I should add: -Medela has a 1 year warranty on all breast pump motors. -We use Johnson’s bath and body products; Head to toe baby wash, and sleepy time baby lotion and massage gel. The sleepy time products smell incredible and are supposed to help relax your baby before bed-time or naps. I would highly suggest getting these products. They are fine to use on newborns as well. -The Fisher Price bath we are currently using is available at Babies R Us and Target. -Leah is eating Gerber foods but we are planning on switching her to Earth’s Best because all of their food is organic (and I am sick of not being able to find certain flavors of gerber in organic!) -The formula Leah is on is Similar Isomil. It is a soy formula. She is still mostly breastfed but when she does get formula this is what she gets. The formula is specially made to prevent gas and fussiness, and is great for babies with GERD. -Leah is not too interested in taking pacifiers but her favorite has always been newborn soothies. They are available at most hospitals and Babies R Us and Target. Playtex also makes a similar shaped pacifier that works just as well. -Medela, bumbo, playtex, gerber, pampers, earth’s best, boppy, and more are all products available at Target. REMEMBER that they are cheaper

25 Responses to “Baby Product Review (Part 1 of 3)”

  • purplestar621:

    the avent boddles worked for me really good..

  • CandyandTy:

    great product review : )

  • nell2884:

    Great review! I don’t have a baby yet but I take care of my nephew and I have the swing and the bottle warmer and LOVE them! My nephew actually still loves that swing and he is 14 months LOL he is a giant in it now 🙂

  • VintagexGlam07:

    the bed is very cute, i remember it from when you did the baby room tour. love john’s commentary. this is very helpful even though i dont have a child yet

  • bossyboots114:

    hey! just wanted to tell you that i have the whale bath too and recently found out (by accident!) that the green “Seat” thing pops out for when they can sit up on their own but aren’t quite ready for the big open tub yet! my son is 7 months and uses it that way!

  • FitchFANATIC:

    I don’t have baby, I’m not pregnant, not ready to have a baby, not even dating, but I still love all of your videos. I watched all three parts of this.
    I lovess it:))

  • mamatrixxie:

    I cannot wait for you to get pregnant!!! And thanks as always for being the best confidence booster ever! You always have the sweetest things to say! Love ya tons!

  • mamatrixxie:

    I’m not saying other bottles aren’t good- just recommending playtex as that is what we have used.

  • mamatrixxie:


  • mamatrixxie:

    Hehe! He must be… Leah is huge in hers I can’t even use it anymore!

  • mamatrixxie:

    Haha thanks!

  • mamatrixxie:

    that’s awesome- I didn’t know it came out! I love this bath.

  • mamatrixxie:

    Thanks! So sweet 🙂

  • xoiloveyoux2:

    convertable crib is a must!!! love it. and for the bath seats, now we use the bumbo, i know sounds wierd to use that for bathing but we do. it works awsome. just a little f.y.i haha

  • Aliwisha1:

    If only I could have gotten away with using the medela swing! I am working mom and exclusively pump so I have to have a double pump so I use the medela pump in style but I wish I would have gotten the newest one which is like 400 at Target but on ebay its 250 so maybe for next time! I use those same bags too! They are great! We started with the drop ins and they are great bottles.

  • CrazyCoolShorty:

    Well it just made me really sad when you said you arent 100% happy with your after baby body cause I look at you and I WISH i was that gorgeous .. you truly are stunning and you are the hottest mama .. John is a lucky man .. Just no more dissing your body or Ill come across the border and kick your ass lol heehee
    love you tons .. xoxoxoxoox

  • krn110188:

    Her crib is gorgeous!

  • mina247:

    Great review hun! THANKS!!!

  • cosmeticfetish:

    I have the same whale tub and I LOVE it.

  • rachiibuu:

    AVENT sells cup things you can place in your bra so the milk that leaks while you’re pumping doesn’t get wasted. =]

  • ecmomma:

    I have a question about the drop in bottles. If you use the powdered formula do you have to mix it in a measuring cup first, I heard the powered won’t mix in the bags, so if your out and about that must be annoying? Also how do you heat them if you can’t use the microwave. Do you have to warm up the water on the stove, is that a pain in the middle of the night? I am just wondering cause I might get these but they kinda seem like a lot of work? Maybe I am wrong? Thank girl!

  • mamatrixxie:

    Haha that’s clever!

  • mamatrixxie:

    That’s not true about the powder formula- as long as you shake up the bottle right after putting the formula in so that it doesn’t clump. You have to either heat the water by placing the bottle (with the drop in) in hot water until it warms or by microwaving the water first before putting it in the drop-in. I don’t formula feed in the middle of the night though, I mostly breast feed her. She only gets a couple bottles a day! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  • LadeeSlimster:

    I dont like convertable cribs, i have one and didnt like how it looks as a toddler bed my daughter had no support to keep her from falling off so i just got her a toddler bed. Isn’t that tub by safety first?? I was going to get that tub the whale but got something different that was more cheaper.

  • sweetvika218:

    How much did you buy your pump for? I bought the playtex one, its good and all, but i need one that increases milk supply.

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