Baby-Safe way to get rid of black widow spiders?

For some reason, for the past week we have been finding black widow spiders in our apartment! We’ve been killing them of course but we want to get rid of them completely. We have a 4 month old daughter though so we don’t know how to go about it without potentially harming her. But we also don’t want her to get bit! She doesn’t crawl and floor time on her activity gym mat and/or blanket can be moved to our bed(with supervision of course) for the time being if necessary. What should we do? Help!

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    • daniel g:

      You can use a vacuum. in the evening, you will find the widows in their web, which make them an easy target.
      They don’t wander, but your toddler may find a web which can
      be serious.
      give her activity gym and other items a look over before letting
      her play.
      learn to spot their webs, and wait for the spider to hang in the web.
      They will hide during the day.
      Webs are going to be near the floor, in corners or other similar places,
      with cracks, crevices, or places next to the web to hide in.
      Patience and persistence with the vacuum will get rid of them.
      (empty the vacuum outside)

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