Baby Tiger Feeding

I know there are some viewers that are going to contribute negative feedback and that is okay, all I ask is that you be respectful and nothing more. The Tiger Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi, Thailand has a fairly mixed following. What I mean by that is this; when you do any serious research on the facility you will find people that are absolutely certain that this facility is a determent to Tigers and nothing more than a money making machine, feeding off the tourists that would seek a chance to get up close and personal with Tigers. While I respect and admire anyone’s opinion for or against my own I must say this; if you have not visited this facility, you really should. This is my first contribution to You Tube and would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. The most popular misconceptions about this facility include, “These Tigers are drugged, poorly treated and not well cared for.” From a distance I could honestly see how some might come to this conclusion, after all as a society we identify Tigers as fierce predators that would immediately see us as a snack, and not some playful kitty meant to be handled by humans. One would not expect to see Tigers just “chilling out with tourists, right? There less than aggressive disposition as scene in the morning and afternoon tours can easily by assessed by one simple truth, Tigers typically rest throughout the day and hunt at night. Tigers sleep on average of 18-20 hours a day and only engage in activity that is necessary

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