Don’t kill your baby for not being able to walk

Uploaded with YouTube’s own Flash video recorder. It looked fine in the preview but yikes, lip-sync issues. Feel free to make kung-fu “AVENGE YOUR MASTER!” noises. A creative talk quickie. I may do more of these.

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25 Responses to “Don’t kill your baby for not being able to walk”

  • HoboUsername:

    Lol no one should force but they should stay in shape. They’ll feel better, they’ll look better.

  • SmartAlecRuscito:

    WELL SAID !!!

  • jtfyou:

    I agree, SmartAlecRuscito

  • JayHoward300:

    This is a Chinese idiom haha 😀

  • ToadyZilla:

    Awesome Torley!!! You said this perfectly & I needed to hear it!!

  • RetroKingdomrules:

    nice torley that made my day

  • Draco9898:

    Thank you Torley, that’s actually pretty awesome advice.

  • Earthplayer:

    haters are stupid. you should give always good advice and critism . Tell what can be improved, just saying I didn’t like that and that normaly doesn’t help at all.

    But our Torley here is awsome as always 🙂

  • ellis252:


  • RenewedLikeTheEagle:

    Yeah, and don’t kill your baby if its not born yet… great vid. Creativity is very sensitive and needs time to grow like a baby in a womb.

  • TheRealBlackPuma:

    True, true.. I’m usually very easily knocked of my motivative spirit by negative influences from people. That’s why I keep most of my projects a secret until I get to a stage I’m a bit proud of it, by then people’s opinions mean close to nothing. :3

  • reandor:

    I highly doubt that with the life energy you got, noone would be able to affect you negatively Torley. You rock!! Cheers

  • alienfresh:

    wise words 🙂

  • LTSShippo:

    Lets think. If one Book writer had the problem where people made fun of her for liking to write when she was young, maybe just maybe, we would not have Harry Potter today. I glad she was not discourge to write.

  • signupcrack:

    This along with all of your music vids (tutorials) are awesome!! Keep up the good work, Im looking forward to more VSTi stuff!!!!!!!!

  • fak1945:

    thanks i really needed to hear that!=) torley always has the good ideas

  • bencze1:

    Wow. Harry Potter. What the world would be without that cartoon…

  • hmbach:

    Simple advice but so true – thanks Torley

  • uta1984:

    Torley, you are one of the most wonderful people in the world. You have a brilliant positive energy and you are so giving of your talents to everybody.

    We need more good people on the internet to counter-act the many negative people and bring balance.

    I want to thank you for being there and being you.

    Thank you : )

  • SakuraAvalonBleac25:

    Very Wise words : 3

  • dabeisyin:


  • phoenix20011984:

    wow…Torley is lovely…who knew? lol…thanks love x


    U need to do voice over work.. or Radio.. U have one of those voices

  • dcclxxvii77749:

    Good thoughts, very true. Thank you, Torley!

  • angelquinones:

    WOW exelent I totally agree with you man . . .

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