Focal Seizure in Newborn Baby

This is an example of a focal seizure in a 2-day-old infant. Notice that it affects only the left side of the body, and that the baby experiences no discoloration, loss of consciousness or apparent discomfort. We video taped it to show the ER doctors so that they would know she wasn’t just having normal baby neurological weirdness. This particular seizure lasted about 2 minutes. This is one of three she had that day and is mild in comparison the the third one that we did not catch one tape. She has not had any definitive seizures since, but has had some “suspicious” activity. See comments for updates on her condition. For those unfamiliar with seizures, you cannot stop them, you can only gently hold the person suffering the convulsion and take care that they do not hurt themselves. We hope this video will help others know what this type of seizure looks like. Our local children’s hospital uses it to train their staff. To see how Violet is doing at 6 months, see our other video. She is doing great! Update: At 10 months old (January of 2008), Violet is doing very well. She has had no other seizures since the ones she had her first few days of life. She is coming off of her medication. Most likely she will never have another seizure. Developmentally she is right on track and even getting ready to walk a little early! Update: At a year and a half (October of 2008) Violet is indeed walking, talking, singing, dancing, jumping and making her older sibling generally crazy. She is

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25 Responses to “Focal Seizure in Newborn Baby”

  • babyseizure:

    She has grown out of it. The video information gives more details.

  • ukblondy24:

    She is a beautiful little girl glad she is ok how lucky u r too have a baby so cute that so obviously loves you lots by the glint in her eye in the words of sandra bullock

    “be well” xx

  • TwilightForEternity:

    my moms frineds baby has seizures like that too but itd eyes also twitched

  • honeybises:

    Wow, that must have been so scary for you. I’m glad to read she is ok!
    Can these seizures affect neural development in babies?

  • meganisyou:

    Ohh poor baby 🙁

  • Mannering152hh:

    That so sad watching that gorgeous little baby having a fit, made me cry because she was still looking up at her mum so glad she’s grown out of them and is well 🙂

  • ILoveMilk123lion:

    i will pray for milla too

  • hurlingturtles:

    her seizures in this video look EXACTLY like the ones my daughter had when she was just a few days old. she was put on phenobarbitol for 6 months and hasn’t had any since on the medication and none since being taken off it.


    Thanks for sharing, this type of video is priceless. I came across it learning about it… Thanks for posting,..,

  • lioralourie3:

    she should not be vaccinated any further. Read the package inserts.

  • MC933RR:

    I don’t think that’s actually a problem…I’m no expert but I had the same thing when I was a baby andt the doctors ended up saying it was just the brain developing faster than the baby…so you may just have a really smart kid.

  • lydiapandora:

    At two days old, she probably had no vaccine.

  • roxynikko2:

    looks like a seizure to me.

  • YaYyA1:

    Oh! my i was trying to researcha little on these symptoms my baby does the same. Her eye rolls all the way to the corner of here eyes. but she has trouble focusing after.. she aso did this neborn she just had 1 today and she is 5 weeks.

  • lioralourie3:

    Hepatitis B vaccine is on the schedule as a “Birth dose”. Sometimes they delay it a day or two until they are on their way out of the hospital but it is entirely possible this baby got a vaccine at 1 hour or less of age, and VERY likely, unless they fought not to get it, that she got the HepB by 2 days of age.

  • lioralourie3:

    I’m sorry, I was responding to a previous post which said that, at 2 days of age, baby probably had not had any vaccines. Sorry for the confusion.

  • ILUVMJ101:

    oh my god. you are sick.

  • Kaylin1225:

    This happened to my baby 11 years ago and doctors have called me crazy!!! Well I finally got them to do an eeg and she has epilepsy!!! All these years we could have had her on medicine so that she could have grown up normally instead of needing special education!!! Film it if you can! Take your baby to the doctor and do not stop till you get answers!!!

  • babyseizure:

    How is she now? I know this must be very hard for you. I am glad you learned something from our video.

  • babyseizure:

    Thank you for defending us. I realize there will be this type of thing, but there will be more people who learn from it. So, I’ll take the risk. But there is a reason none of our personal information is here.

  • babyseizure:

    She had not had Hep B vaccine at the time. But appreciate the heads up. I realize vaccination is such a sensitive topic and require extensive research and knowledge on the part of the parents.

  • babyseizure:

    We’ve heard similar. She is currently developmentally on target in some areas and advanced in others – such a big relief considering what they prepared us for. Congratulations on making it through as well!

  • vikassharda:

    I have a 8 days old baby girl. She so far had two seizure attacks(confirmed by Doctors). She is still in the baby ICU ward of the hospital in India.I am little tensed as docs are pointing at meningitis or other neuro diseases. What can probably go wrong wid her? Does nebdy has any clue over here?

  • feby1016:

    I have a14 month old baby boy. he had seizure attactks since a three days he born. and until now 14 month. and in that time ilham spend his time only from hosspital to hospital. now he stayed in hospital RSCM in indonesia . and the medicine he used is midazolam.
    I really thank you for the best dr. irawan mangunatmadja. specialis in pediatrics of neoron

  • communitysharer1:

    ask her doctor if it’s okay to put a little bit of wheat germ in a bottle of your breast milk, or something. You want her to eat manganese-rich foods and crush some up some bean sprouts for her to eat.

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