How do I keep up in school work and after school activities with babies?

I’m 13 years old. (Yes I have already been told holy crap enough times to day.) I want to be the best mother I can be despite my age. Most of my friends know I’m pregnant. I went and got an ultrasound and the babies are doing good. 🙂 I was going to have an abortion but my parents talked me out of it. I told them the day I found out. I’m a straight A student so education isn’t a problem. I play softball. I’m mostly on 1st and second base and sometimes pitcher. Do I have to stop now? How do I keep up once I take leave for birth? What can I do to have a healthy pregnancy despite being young?
Well everybody including teachers know because I now have an ultrasound in locker and locket which I will replace with a picture of them once they arrive. Oh yes and yes it is twins.

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  • eponine1028:

    I’m not sure this is real or not, but just in case, here’s my answer:

    1. You need to tell your coach you are pregnant. You will probably have to stop playing at least until 6 weeks after the twins are born (longer if you have a C-section, and there’s a good chance you will being so young and having twins). It’s unfair and unsafe for you not to tell the coach–the coach is responsible for your safety when you play, and if something happens he or she needs to know that you are pregnant. The school might have an official policy about it as well.

    2. Follow the advice of your doctor to be as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. You might also get the book "What to Expect When You’re Expecting," and ask your doctor if he or she knows of any books specifically geared for young mothers during pregnancy.

    3. You can probably make up for missed schoolwork with a tutor, over the summer if needed. You could also switch to "independent study" at home with tutors once your pregnancy makes going to school uncomfortable (a lot of adult women pg with twins end up on bedrest).

    4. You’re wrong about education not being a problem. It IS and WILL BE a problem, because you aren’t finished yet, and it is not going to be easy to go to school once you have 2 babies, no matter how good a student you are. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but you will have to give up a lot of the fun things you used to do in order to get your schoolwork done and care for your children. As long as you recognize that and are willing to make those sacrifices, you will probably be ok. It sounds like your parents are willing to help you as well–just don’t get into the habit of putting your responsibilities off on them.

    I would really consider finding an alternative school that will allow you to finish as quickly as possible. It’s not as fun as going to "regular" school, but if you’re going to be a mother, you’re going to have to make sacrifices.

    If you’d rather continue at a normal school and take part in all the normal teen activities, then you really need to consider adoption.

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