How does your 5-month-old boy spend his day?

My baby boy is five-month-old. He is very active. He does not like to be still. He can’t walk yet but he loves to stand up with help. He does not like to be laid down on his back, either in his crib or in a baby gym like mat. He likes to be read to, but not for very long. He loves standing in a megasauser, but we were told that it is not good for his development. We are constantly out of activity for him and he screams when he is bored.

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  • Trish:

    My daughter is 5 months old also, and is very active as well. We spend a lot of the day doing a million different activities. She likes to stand with help so we do that, she likes to lay on her back and grab onto my hands to pull herself into a sitting position, and she likes to stare at the dog. I also have a bouncer chair for her to play in. It has four different activities on it so it keeps her entertained for a while. We also like to go for walks and she loves tummy time. I lay her on her tummy and put her favorite toy arms length away, she loves reaching and trying to scoot towards the toy. Sometimes though, I get worn out with all the different things she likes to do, and I lay her on a blanket or the boppy pillow and let her entertain herself with some toys. Also when I cook I put her in the highchair and let her smell stuff as put it into pans, I let her touch some of the stuff before I wash it, and I sing silly songs to her about what I am doing to keep her happy for the time she is in the chair. I hope this helps and gives you a few more ideas.

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