Hubbard and his Baby Smashing Tech revised version

This is a replacement video with new audio at the end to comply with a copyright issue. Otherwise this is the same exact video that was Added: November 16, 2008, 11:00 PM that had 748 views, 17 comments, 52 ratings showing 5 stars as of 2/04/09 when I had to delete it in order to fix the issue. Intro: Gold Base is the place for me Cult livin’ is the life for me Slaves spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Los Angeles, just give me that cess pool side. Los Angeles is where I’d rather stay I start beatin people out that way I just adore a raw meat view Source I hate you just give me OSA in view …The fear …The queers …Cess pool air …Big Blue there You are my bitch I hate this witch Gold base we are there ———- L. Ron Hubbard doing “Creative Processing” on one of his followers to enable him to overcome the trapping power of babies heads: “LRH: Great reading get my ridge of a good activity. That’s the Ridge of the Assumption, by the way. PC: Sounds very religious LRH: Yes it is. Alright have these two little babies with enormous amount of energy covering them. PC: All right. LRH: Smash ’em together. PC: Yea LRH: Two more babies. Smash ’em together. PC: Yea LRH: Two more babies. Smash ’em together. [etc] ” ————- For all of the research & speculation on the subject of Was L. Ron Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child by Commander Joseph C. “Snake” Thompson? visit: RWT 2008

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8 Responses to “Hubbard and his Baby Smashing Tech revised version”

  • parrotnutz:

    Things that make you go “hmmm”….

    Dammit, now I gotta go look at Mission Earth, more LRH garbage.

  • Scientolulz:

    Love it *****

  • sk8mike:

    I for one don’t buy Hubbard’s story. Hubbard was just an average child, he was not a child prodigy studying Freud/psychology. That’s what he wanted his cult members to believe. One thing to remember is that Hubbard was a charlatan, and he probably made up that story about Commander Joseph C. “Snake”.

  • TheEvilOfScientology:

    Excellent as ever! What’s the music starting at 2:40 at RWT?

  • madmentalking:

    Thank you TEOS!

    In order to replace the music at the end I used a very slow paced version of the Green Acres theme for the closing audio.

  • Kurplunkachu:

    We should start taking advantage of the fact that they have to clear any MU’s before they go on course. Let’s put the craziest words ever in our videos. We could even do it out of nowhere rick-roll style. Much respect. Peace.

  • hangover71:

    well done. you must be Theata

  • hotdot200:

    Amazing 5 stars

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