Is it too late for an activity gym?

My daughter just turned 5 months and she loves to reach for things n grab them. Ive been wanting to get her an activity gym for a while now but just couldn’t. On certain activity gyms it says they are birth to 6 months. Is it too late or is another toy recommended?
Or maybe one of those saucer/jumper things?? some of them start off as a activity mat….

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  • quintynsmommy:

    My son kind of lost interest in his gym around 6 months. We spent ALOT of money on it and I was at least grateful he got a few months use out of it. So I would say if it is only going to be used for a few weeks to a month, I wouldn’t get one. But…You can always go on Craigslist and find one really cheap. Then it may be worth it just to have it. I have bought some really nice stuff from there and usually you just run a Clorox wipe over it and good as new and you usually get for about 80-90% less then retail. I would suggest an exersaucer though. I bought the Baby Einstein one for my son at 6 months and he LOVES it even today and he will be a year old. It is very stimulating and very interactive. There is plenty to reach for and play with, and even if she can’t sit on her won yet, you just use a receiving blanket behind her and it works great. I bought that and never even considered getting a Bumbo as this worked just as good and was alot more fun for him. Good Luck! PS~Babies R Us has a big sale on exersaucers right now and they are sending out 20% coupons you can put towards it as well, you can probably find a coupon online.

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