Is Ocean Wonders Kick and Crawl Gym From Fisher Price The Best.

Fisher-Price’s Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Aquarium Gym, which costs under $36, is a combination of a mat, gym, and tunnel with three different modes of play: Lay-at, tummy time, and crawl-through. Measuring 23x17x40 inches in size and is suitable from birth to 18 months old.The kick and crawl activity gym has the ability to expand as your baby grows through different stagesIt has a variety of different activities that will keep your baby occupied for ages. The mat which has bright colours has two soft toy arches where the hanging toys are easily attached. These toys are magnificent for your baby to play with in the lay and play period. They are a fish that plays music, a fish with a spinning ball, a mirror that all babies love and a clear globe that your baby will love as they will be able to kick.
As for your babies tummy time well this activity centre has assorted attachment points around the mat that enable you to connect the different toys to.Your baby will will ba able to reach and play with the hanging toys and mirrors that will help your baby to strenthen their muscles. As soon as your baby is crawling you can exchange the gym into a tunnel by connecting the arches to the mat. You and your baby can play peek a boo through the mesh windows on the side of the tunnel and can look at the aquatic inside of the tunnel as they crawl through it. The toys can be attached to the arches that will add even more enjoyment for your baby.

This is not only a fantastic addition for your babies development but can be washed with the arches removed to make it easy to keep clean and bright.
Activity centres are another fantastic product to help with your babies development but some of these can work out to be quite expensive. Chosen wisely these can last your baby well into toddlerhood and are well worth the extra money if you can afford it. Try to go for a fabric material as you can usually wash these and they will always look good with the bright colours and different toys which you can add to if you like.
When you have your new baby you will no doubt recieve lots of presents and family and friend will be asking you what you would like. You can always tell them to buy an activity gym or activity centre but state which ones would be suitable for your new baby. You could ask others for other toys that attach to the baby gym or activity centre so that if money is tight none is wasted. Your baby will have lots of unique things as gifts including books, toys and clothes to nam e just a few and if you can help people choose presents that will be handy to you then all the better for you and your babyTo find out more about Baby Activity Gyms and Centres visit www.Babyactivitycentre.Org

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