Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version Part 2

I think this is the first video about the game on youtube. This is the MS-DOS Version that came with my Uncle’s old MS-DOS 6.22/Windows 3.1 Packard Bell Computer and i believe it was a 486 processer. I’ve been playing this game since i was 6 years old and i wasn’t able to play this game and the others for five years(I counted wrong it’ll be 6 this november)untill i got DOSBox this past november(thats also when i learned how to work it). For some reason i never played this game that much i mean it had great music and activites but i just never really played this game that much. I started playing it right before the first day of Christmas break my kindergarden year 1997 on that computer which was upgraded to Windows 95 but it was later downgraded to Windows 3.1. The reason why i call it MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version is because there may be some slight differences to the regular MS-DOS Version on this one. This game i believe was made mostly in 1993(date said at start up of game and files said where created in 94 on the Disk) and i believe it was released in 1994(copy right says 94) It was made by Knowledge Adventure as part of the Adventure series. This was on Disc 2 of 3 of knowledge adventure games i had as a kid and I still have them all. I was brought back to try and get these games to work on my XP because i remember them mostly for there music and i had fun with them when i was younger. This was recorded with the DOSBox video recorder. This is part 2 of 2 of Kids Zoo A

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    In “Where Do I Live?”, while most animal pictures are supposed to appear AFTER a clicking sound, the Koala appears BEFORE the clicking sound. Another error is that when the Panda appears, you don’t hear the natural noise (unless it’s the last one to get), which is supposed to be heard.

  • Rocky54167:

    never noticed it before. Thanks for pointing it out?

  • fyoonkay:

    Holy shit, I had this game.

  • Rocky54167:

    did u have just the game or another game on the disc?

  • fyoonkay:

    To be honest i can’t remember at all. I had a lot of the same games as you, apparently.

  • Rocky54167:

    alot of these games i didn’t remember untill i got them working again. The only 3 that stuck out in my mind was 3-D Body, 3-D Dino and Undersea. Kids zoo was reallly a blur but space i remembered bits and Speed i rememeber the race.

  • wiley207:

    I remember the Monarch Butterfly clip in this game came from an old version of Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia software. It was originally silent, but for this game they added the sound effect of the chrysalis shell cracking open and then rustling a bit as the butterfly sits on it.

  • Rocky54167:

    i am postive i have that with my Packard Bell CD Collection but for some reason it doesn’t suprize me at all that Knowledge Adventure used it. The only Knowledge Adventure game that was shot with shot was Undersea Adventure from this era

  • vickiaustin1:

    i had these games!
    could you do a video of just the encyclopedia bit? thats the bit i remember the most… for some reason the mongoose page in particular lol!
    these games were amazing, its so cool that you’ve got them!

  • Rocky54167:

    yup i never sold them and drove my self crazy at times trying to get them to run again and yes i’ll add that to the request list

  • ashishrd:

    Wow…It’s great to see this after such a long time! I remember I used to play this game a lot when I was a little kid. I still have the CD, but don’t know how to get it working on Windows XP.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this!

  • Rocky54167:

    your welcome….if you are interested in getting this to run on XP Please message me or comment back

  • Ataralas:

    I just found my diskettes to this game the other day. ^__^

  • Rocky54167:

    well if u need help installing them on DOSBox please message me and
    Good thing that u found them!

  • dink321:

    They Also Played That Theme On
    Jellyfish Page And Starfish Page.

  • Rocky54167:

    @dink321 hey um i really apperciate you putting what songsp played where but on videos like these it doesn’t matter because they are music videos

  • LinkMarioSamus:

    This one seems very kiddy compared to the other of KA’s early hits, especially Space. Then again any piece of media that has references to nuclear warfare or The Cold War is automatically not for kids IMO (which means that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is not a kids’ game lol).

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