Kids Zoo Encyclopedia from Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version Part 1

Happy 4th Of July everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vickiaustin1 requested this! This activity is a lot of the Kids Zoo Encyclopedia. Its not the full one if you do have any requests of a certain section or page i didn’t post with this please LET ME KNOW!!!!!!! I did this as a joint project with the Kids Zoo Talking story book i recorded them at the same time! This activity comes from the game Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure which came with my Uncles old Packard Bell Windows For Workgroups 3.11. This is a fun Activity it is like The reference centers in other games. Well anyways this is the version of Kids Zoo That came with my Uncles Packard Bell Windows For Workgroups 3.11/MS-DOS 6.2 386 Processor computer he bought in 1995, little less than 2 months before the release of Windows 95! I started playing these games the day before Christmas Vacation 1997 and well i wasn’t able to play them for these past couple of years but now i got them working Great Inside DOSBox. This Activity Kids Zoo Encyclopedia is like the Reference Centers of the the other games just with no movies and scrolling text. This video only includes a lot of the Encyclopedia. This is a pretty fun activity to play over again along with the other activities from the other games. This game in all the 6 Adventure games i had was never had another variation. Anyways Enjoy A lot of the Kids Zoo Encyclopedia. any requests from the encyclopedia from this game let me know. any requests from 3-D Body Adventure, Kids Zoo A

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