Learning Activities for Toddlers

Information about Wowkit’s At Home with Ones activity kits for parents available through www.wowkits.com

5 Responses to “Learning Activities for Toddlers”

  • leehickie:

    these activates are brilliant and correct for
    the age range i should know because i have a qualification in child development

  • TVQUEEN01:

    those are great activies for babies my 2 year old will actually get bored though.

  • Wowkits:

    The activities in this video are for children 12-24 months. WoW Kits also makes similar activity binders for two-year-olds with activities more engaging and appropriate for that age group.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • claustos29:


  • Lookdownhereiam:

    @claustos29 I agree, this may have worked when my daughter was under 13 months but she’s 24 months now and she’s WAY too hyper. Thank you though.

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