Push and Ride vs. Activity Walker for 6 month old baby toys.?

My son is just over 6 months. He has been sitting on his own for nearly two months, and pulling up to stand for 2 weeks (though wabbles and needs something to steady him. I wonder if these toys are appropriate. It says 6 months/9 months and up on the little tikes push and ride/acticity walkers. Also I am looking for some simple and inexpensive developmental toys. We have a play gym and activity jumper but he gets bored. These days he just sits down, leans forward and pushes with his legs as though to stand up – falls forward on to his face and continues to push with his legs- butt in the air pushing his face along the bed (until he gets frustrated that he can’t get far). He is so curious, I want to give him something to foster this curious nature AND let him get mobile. Any toy suggestions and comments on the mobility aids would be awesome! Thanks

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    • Jennield:

      The push and rides are cool, but at your sons age, they’ll move way to quickly out from under him when he tries to use it for support.

      I suggest a regular old walker for him. Walkers are not dangerous as long as you’ve properly safety proofed AND have an eye on him at all times!!!
      An exersaucer would be good too.

      But… all he really needs to foster his curious nature is your interaction. Seriously, I had every toy under the sun for my son, but his favorite activity (that he got the most out of, I think) was playing with me & and husband.
      Start reading to him now too. Won’t do anything educationally, but it’ll get him used to sitting with you while reading for later on.
      Balls to chase after will aid him in wanting to crawl too 🙂

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