Question about outdoor activities and babies in cold climates, opinions please?

We have a thing called boo at the zoo where I live. It is a Halloween celebration that the zoo puts on in the evenings the last two weeks in October and where I live October can be fairly chilly in the evenings. I think we may be lucky this year and it won’t be as bad as some years but still cool. I was thinking of taking my girl who will be ten months then, they have a toddler tuesday so it won’t be scary for the little ones. My thought is that if I take her I could bring my 10 year old niece plus my stepson who is 11 and have a nice night. My concerns is how cold it will be- we would be outside for at least an hour. Would my daughter really get any enjoyment out of this or is she too young? The other thing is the Santa Clause parade is the beginning of next month- not sure why so early but suspect its because by December it is unbearably cold-lol. Is this something she would enjoy also or is neither worth the being out in the chilly weather for her and should I just put them off until next year when she will be able to enjoy them more?
Thanks- I am in Manitoba so you know Stephanie how it is-lol I am so worried about another winter to get through with her still fairly young. I hate the cold but still want her to be able to do things

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  • Bird Flippin':

    Well, for Boo at the Zoo and the Santa Clause parade just dress DD according to the weather that evening. A tuque and mittens with lots of layers most likely since we’re getting frost now. Last winter…2 weeks after birth in December…I would take DS outside when it was around -10C, but I’d have him in his carrier strapped to me so we shared body heat. He loved to watch daddy play hockey at the local rink…not heated btw. Ice fishing was nice too, since we had a shack to warm up in. This winter I plan on spending everyday that isn’t mind numbingly cold outside. As for indoor activities for toddlers, MB is seriously lacking. They’re still to young to appreciate the fun of the Children’s museum and there really isn’t much else. Maybe check what’s playing at the MTYP, there might be some age appropriate things. Then there’s the baby & kid show at the convention centre in Jan…free stuff! There’s usually something going on at Fort Whyte Centre too. The Zoo is open year round, plus there’s the toboggan runs at Assiniboine Park. At Festival du Voyageur they have heated tents. Hmm, maybe there is stuff to do. Am I crazy for wanting it to be winter already?

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