Running out of idea's for activity's for my children!?

I’m a stay at home mom and I have a 15 month old boy and a 3 year old girl. We do everything together and I beginning to think I’m boring them! We go to the park and we have a huge swing set in our backyard. We color and do alphabet flash cards but my but my 15 mth. old eats the crayons (J/K :)) and my 3 yr. old is not really in to coloring anymore. We go to the pool but it’s Winter and even though I live in Florida it’s still not pool weather most days. Lips winde up blue! I’ve thought about joining those little baby gyms but the closest one to my house is 45 minutes away-no joke! We’ve got tons of toys/movies/board games but my kids are getting tired of the same old stuff everyday and farnkly… am I.
I would greatly appreciate any positive feedback from moms who got it going on and other people who can help me stimulate my little cuties. Thanx!
When I say "My kids go everywhere w/ me" I simply mean….the grocery store, the bank, church, my friends house, any shopping errands I have to do….you know stuff like that!
Also, my 3 yr old plays by her self plenty(that’s how I got to ask this question :))! I also have a 8 year old daughter w/ whom she plays w/ as well(who’s in school full time and particapates in Tae Kwon Do and goes to a tutor, both 3 times a week). Maybe, I just need to switch out some of these other acitivty’s you all have mentioned and just try to stay positive?!

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  • sprggb:

    Here are some ideas:

    Go to the library or bookstore for story hour
    Go to the mall and walk around
    Arts and crafts
    Put some music on and dance
    Put on a play
    Use a video camera and make silly movies
    Play dress up and make believe
    Buy white tshirts and paint them
    Go to a zoo
    Go on a bike ride
    Have a picnic

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