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Barack Obama’s golf swing reveals he’s an athlete, a duffer and fun to play with By Michael Bamberger Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated Published: December 24, 2008 has performed an important service. It has posted five photographs, taken by AP photographer Gerald Herbert, that shows President-elect Barack Obama on vacation in Hawaii playing golf. This is invaluable as we all know that nothing, not even a CNN special called “Obama Revealed,” reveals the soul as ruthlessly and efficiently as how one plays the old Scottish game. John F. Kennedy nearly made a hole-in-one on the short par-3 15th at Cypress Point (the best-smelling hole in all of golf, if you like the mix of eucalyptus and brackish ocean water) while running for the presidency in 1960. Kennedy, considered by presidential golfing historians to be by far the most skilled of our golf-playing presidents, was relieved to see the ball stay out. He was trying to succeed Dwight Eisenhower as president, and not as First Golfer. The game then wasn’t the populist activity it has become. Kennedy, foolishly, allowed himself to be photographed taking a golf swing in fancy loafers, no socks. Still, he won West Virginia. But Obama does not have to run from his golf. The guess here is that he’s an athlete and a duffer and fun to play with. In Photo No. 1, the first thing that strikes you is that Obama is a lefthanded golfer who plays golf wearing a watch, just like Phil Mickelson. Also like Lefty, the future president

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25 Responses to “shankapotomus President Barack Obama Golfer Golfing Golf Swing Hawaii e-trade baby ShankaPOTUS”

  • cjd623:

    -thing they said. and plus im pretty sure you heard of yellow journalism am i correct? honestly are you telling me the strait truth or are you being bias about the conversation?

  • BestPoliticalVideos:


    Obama is on par with Jimmy Carter as one of our worst Presidents in the history of the United States. Afghanistan debacle, Health Care debacle, Economy debacle and now Terrorist are trying to hit our airplanes again. Our head of Homeland Security, Janet “the system worked” Napolitano is a complete MORON! She should be fired!

  • TheTexasPro:

    healthcare wasnt screwed up in the first place! 85% of americans payed for THEIR OWN healthcare. with obama’s plan, that a 5 year old could find the flaws and earmarks in, 100% of americans will have to pay for the 15% that cant do it themselves. on top of their own policies! what an ingenius, totally not socialist plan!

  • SSchus87:

    You all talk about how Obama ‘has screwed up the economy’, but what are you really talking about. Most economists look at the stock market as an indicator of the economy and the strength of the economy. The Dow closed the year at 10548 – UP 20.19% for the year. Pretty healthy if you ask me. In 2008, during the Bushit admin, it dropped 33% and in ’07 was up less than 7%. Looks like our PREZ is doing something right for the economy, wouldn’t you say?

  • BestPoliticalVideos:


    You’re talking about 2007, 2008 with the same Democratic Congress in control now.

    You can cherry pick for Obama all you want but you have to admit he’s doing very bad overall. The latest debacle is his total inconsideration of national security.
    Looks like our PREZ is SUCKING overall.

  • Zeppelinnd3:

    go lefthanded golfers

  • JohnRaytheon:

    obama thought that club was a shovel? terrible… you can tell he just started golfing in 2009 loll

  • CheekiMnky:

    cherry pick?

  • BestPoliticalVideos:


    We are worse off than we were before 2009. Obama is Bush on steroids.

  • CheekiMnky:

    Thank you.

  • anar666:

    Hahahaha, the world is in disaster and he is playing golf- loool- at least Bush played better than him…nice one CIA, next time maybe you should just let him stick to basketball like in the elections (racist faggots)

  • MaxLibertas:

    He still golfs far better than he governs.

  • 040895:

    Did his teleprompter tell him when to say four?

    He’s playing golf as the citizens of America clean and ready their guns! Revolution calling anyone…


    great golf video of a great american president folks! im so glad he got elected and not those clueless repubs. mccain and palin. obama 2012!!:)

  • BestPoliticalVideos:

    Obama = epic fail

  • MyMomoMonkey:


  • BestPoliticalVideos:

    Obama sucking more and more everyday!

  • swedeeepie:

    But NBC’s Norah O’Donnell sez ALL blacks are athletes!

  • BestPoliticalVideos:


    Norah O’Donnell thinks all blacks have large penises – she’s a racist.

  • davenetdog:

    LOL golfs like he bowls. Whaten’ egghead!

  • kpmailman:

    @cjd623 Wait….what? The highest the unemployment rate was the entire Bush Presidency was in the seven range, at the end. Remember Obowma telling us if we didn’t pass Porkulus, the rate would go over eight percent?

  • P4TRi0T5:

    boy he sucks!!!!!ha ha ha ha ha awesome

  • BestPoliticalVideos:


    And he sucks at golf too 😉

  • joeglimmix:

    in the first one was that his crotch stuffing that fell out that he then picked up and reinserted

  • LanceBeckman:

    He’s as horrible at golf as he is at governing the country.

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