SIMON LEACH – Drill ,baby drill ! & www …. There come a time when …..ggrrrrrh !! KEEP PRACTICING ALL !!! appreciated all the clicking ! SL

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12 Responses to “SIMON LEACH – Drill ,baby drill !”

  • LostInTheFr3shAir:

    nice videos!!!!!!

  • jcoms7:

    Hey Simon. keep practicing. lol.
    I love your videos. Thanks for uploading them

  • ThatLynnGirl:

    Did you try it in a real corner yet? Looks to me like your angle is sharper than a good 90 degree wall corner. Just curious!

  • jmg1957:

    keep on keeping on..


    I wonder how you set your hooks or nails in the coner to set these onto?

    I guess I’ll check with the teacher at school, to drill out her bats, I’m not sure about mine here at home, kind of used to” em” that way.
    My student Tyler say’s egg side first! The oval slot goes on first. I don’t know if that’s true HaHa! I have two young students they have less trouble with them!

  • hellerZauberer:

    Brilliant. Used to drive me nuts over in ceramics class. Couldn’t tell where the dang pegs were in relation to the darn keepers.

  • notawuss:

    I like the looks of your pots, but you’ve got a hole in the bottom like a regular free-standing flower pot. What about the drainage? Does it just drip down the wall or do you spray instead of watering?

  • 7kole4:

    Looks nice Simon! hope your doing well.

  • longbeforedawn:

    Oy! Simon! Put your seal on the front of the piece!
    No-one can see it in the back.

    Just saying..

  • disisdkat:

    Sorry Simon but I don’t understand what it is that you have gotten wrong. The sides are flattened so what is the issue?

  • lindadish:

    Thanks Simon – cold in the Uk too

  • patrycastillo1:

    simon de que son lo0s platos los reciclaste de algo?se pueden pegar y con que al plato liso del torno?

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