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How do you entertain a 4 month old?

How do you keep a 4 month old entertained or occupied so you can get stuff done around the house. My son is 4 months old and if I’m not carrying him, holding him or playing w/ him or taking him out somewhere, he is not happy. (literally screaming/crying) I love my son and love to do things with him (we go for walks, play, go out to the mall (he loves to be out) or just sit and read and talk to him. However, I have not been able to get my housework done for a couple of months(since he stopped sleeping so much). My house is a wreck and I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried putting him in the bouncy chair in front of baby einstein DVD, but that lasts 10 min. Also tried the swing and that doesn’t last long. I would love to put him down on the floor on his activity gym, but our house is all tile floors and I don’t feel comfortable. (I keep the activity gym on the bed and he only lays on it while supervised.) PLEASE, any advice is welcome. I’ve got to get some stuff done!

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I would like to know your opinions / advice on loosing weight after giving birth and when still breastfeeding.

I had a c-section and my baby is 4 months old now. My husband is very keen for me to loose the baby weight and although I would like to resume gym classes and limit my food intake I am afraid of not having enough milk for my baby and also I am still too tired and can’t leave my baby for the gym activities. If you could share your experiences with me I would appreciate it, thank you!

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Can u suggest a great toy/gym/activity center for a 4-5 month old boy?

My son is 4 months almost 5. I have a swing and a bouncy chair, need something I can put him down in so I can get some housework done! Something he will like and will keep him entertained.

What worked for your child. Remember at 5 months, he is not sitting up yet

What is the best activity gym?

I was just wondering what everyones opinion is and which activity gym they think works the best. My daughter is about 4 months old. Which one would she like the most?

What is the best activity center for my baby?

My baby is almost 4 months old. She is beginning to reach out at toys. She likes to stand up on my lap and supports her head well. What kind of activity center will be the best as she gets older? A bouncer, swing, excersaucer?

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