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What activities to do for 5 month old to stimulate?

Hello, we are 5 months and we roll around, and scoot and get easily bored with our toys. What else I can do to stimulate her? we play with the ball, activity gym mat, and got stacking rings and lots of rattles and teething toys. But seems she is bored with them – we been having same stuff since she was 2 months. We do not have money to buy any additional toys since I quit my job to stay with her, but I am running out of ideas. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks to all, we will start spending more time outside then.

Looking for the best activity gym?

I have a 2 month old little girl who LOVES to have mommy and daddy’s constant attention. I would LOVE to be able to play with her all day however I do have 4 other kids in my in-home daycare AND her almost 4 year old brother to care for too. She doesn’t really need held but wants someone to entertain her (talk to her, shake rattles…) I have good bouncy seat that she likes but she really likes to lay on the floor…SO I was hoping someone could recommend a good activity gym for her to lay under, she really like things that light up, play music or move…does anyone know the best ones and where I can find them?

Is it too late for an activity gym?

My daughter just turned 5 months and she loves to reach for things n grab them. Ive been wanting to get her an activity gym for a while now but just couldn’t. On certain activity gyms it says they are birth to 6 months. Is it too late or is another toy recommended?
Or maybe one of those saucer/jumper things?? some of them start off as a activity mat….

What is the best activity gym?

I was just wondering what everyones opinion is and which activity gym they think works the best. My daughter is about 4 months old. Which one would she like the most?

Activity mats/gyms?

Noah will be 10 weeks on Friday and is really starting to notice toys that are hanging from his swing and bouncer. I wanted to get him an activity gym(preferably one that works for while he’s on his back and also tummy time). Do you mommies have any suggestions or favorites?

I was looking at this one but it has a couple bad reviews. So any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

Tiny and His Toy

Tiny loves his activity gyms. Unfortunately, so does Justin so often they get taken away from Ryan as Justin insists he doesn’t want any other toys.

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