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Leapfrog Learn Groove Activity Station features – Kiddicare

See this now on – We won’t be beaten on price. Let the learning begin with this funky, musical activity station The activity station has 5 different activities that will keep baby intrigued and entertained. It has two different modes of play which baby can choose from by flipping the pages over on the jukebox activity center. One side will open up the world of A,B,C’s with the alphabet song and the other will let your little one become a mini DJ on their turntables. Activities include:- Press the piano keys to hear different styles of music Pull the teether microphone to hear fun phrases Pull the DJ record handle to start songs and make records spin Tap the disco ball to hear fun sounds and music As baby turns in the padded seat the magic mirror ball will also turn activating more play. There are 3 height adjustments available so the station can grow with your little one. Activity station can be used up to 25lbz 11.4kgs Suitable from 4 months to walking age Seat unit can be machine washed at 30DG. The station folds down for better storage and also comes with a built in handle which makes travel quick and simple. The activity station can positioned in two ways:- Static – 3 feet can be locked into position underneath Rocking – push feet back up to enjoy gentle rocking as baby moves around the station

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Soulja Boy ft. Drake – Play Ball w/ Lyrics [Paranormal Activity Mixtape]

Soulja Boy [Chorus] Cash Money, fast money, everyday Im paper chasing, trying to get the dollars, Gucci Louie, Dolce Gabbana, Yes its Young money, Were SOD Money Gang, SOD money gang, its time to play ball play ball, play ball play ball, play ball play ball, play ball [Drake] I got money to the cloud at the top looking down, I love this game I will never foul out, b-tch I go hard call me MVP, and n-ggas gon hate cos they envy me, Im making money, Take yourself a picture when Im standing at the mound, and I swear its going down, Im just repping for my town, off a cup of cj gibson, man Im faded off to Brown, im easily influenced by the n-ggas Im around, see that aston martin when i start it hear the sound, i aint never graduated aint got no cap and gown, but the girls in my class who were smart enough to pass be at all my f-cking parties, grabbing money off the ground, [Drake] Yeah, all hell mr lyrical, spades of the opus baby, what you got a feeling for, I can show you new things, how you feeling spiritual, Pastor Kerney Thomas to these hoesmiwacles! yeah ok they say that Im the one in fact, they say that im they favourite but i aint hearing none of that, im all about my team hoe, young money running back, cash money superstar, where the f-ck is stunna at? Damn [Soulja Boy] I just got a new deal, I aint talking pickle, Im outside the cell, while you boys just sickle, soulja boy and superman, the hip hop hero, sucking all over my body, call her mosquito, the cheese is all

The Witching Hour: Toddler Activities

Surviving the witching hour with a toddler can be quite a challenge. Some easy late afternoon activities can be just the way to make it to bedtime.

Baby Activity Blanket Center.avi

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome / How Drugs Deform Your Baby / FAS FASD FAE Documentary Video

Department of Education. And Down Will Come Baby. And Down Will Come Baby is a 17 minute video about the effects of exposure to alcohol and other drugs on the fetus during pregnancy. Accompanying the video is a Teachers Guide designed to promote a 15-20 minute discussion of the video. Producer: Department of Education.Creative Commons license: Public Domain The purpose of the video is to promote awareness of the problem among teenagers who are at risk for both unplanned pregnancy and substance use. This gripping film take a serious, no-holds-barred look at what happens when pregnant women use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The film includes an examination of prenatal drug and alcohol abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, nicotine’s effect on unborn babies, risks for AIDS, SIDS and FAS, drug effects at various stages of pregnancy, how drugs affect unborn babies and other relation social and emotional problems. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and a spectrum of associated disorders, sometimes called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), is a permanent birth defect caused by maternal consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. The term fetal alcohol effects (FAE) or alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder (ARND) is applied to children whose mothers are known to have drunk heavily during pregnancy and who exhibit some, but not all, features of alcohol-related facial malformation. FASD is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western world and is entirely preventable. It

Berk is playing with his activity table-Chicco Modo

Baby Berk is playing with his activity table-Chicco Modo.

The First Years Kickin’ Coast Glider available at Babies R Us

Happy Feet! Healthy Baby! This seat is the first of its kind and supports a baby’s growth in the first months of their life. The kick plate at the base of the seat creates a natural back-and-forth glide exercise – ideal for a baby’s developing motor skills, and uses a very natural motion for baby (even at a very young age). Other seats are passive but the Kickin’ Coaster is designed to keep baby active with physical activity along with engaging visuals and interactive lights and sounds. The seat also includes a stationary setting, perfect for soothing a baby to sleep with vibrations and twinkling lights. Promoting healthy development with its kick and glide action, the Kickin Coaster is ideal for newborns and infants. With its soothing vibrations, playful songs and lights, the Kickin Coaster provides fun, strengthening, educational playtime for baby!

My Baby Hearts The Exercaucer!!!

This stationary Activity Center will stimulate and entertain your baby as it introduces them to color, shapes, textures, animals, nature, language and music through a unique and engaging collection of toys and real world-imagery! Check out my video!

Paranormal Activity 2 (So Many Activities)

This is what happens when there are just SO many activities.

Playing with the V-Tech

Alexander just loves how he is able to play with his toy by himself. Sitting on his own and his strong legs are useful to push the buttons that are still too difficult to reach with his hands!

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