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Go, Baby, Go!™ Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle™ It’s a jungle full of active fun—sure to generate squeals of delight while encouraging baby’s developing physical skills. A silly monkey, spinning hippo, and big-eared elephant invite baby to put, take, drop and roll six colorful balls. Sitting, crawling, standing or cruising, there’s plenty of musical, light-up, sing-along fun and lots of busy activities to explore!

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Hauck Baby Centre Travel Cot – 2 – Kiddicare

See this now on – We won’t be beaten on price. This sturdy baby centre travel cot / playpen is easy to set up and fold and it comes complete with a padded mattress base which folds around the travel cot when folded and travel carry bag. The travel cot has a changer top and a hanging mobile activity with 3 toys to amuse baby, the travel cot has 2 lockable wheels for easy transportation and a zipped end so baby can let themselves in and out. Features and benefits Travel cot folds easily and stores into its own carrying bag Bassinette included for babies from birth – .4 months approx 6.5 kg travel cot for babies from birth – 15 kg Easy fold away changing unit with tray for nappies, creams etc. Zipped play entry at one end. Removable toy bag attaches to one end. Wheels for easy movement and transportation Activity mobile with 3 softy toys. Comes with own fold away padded mattress base Storage bag to keep toys etc included Dimensions: Internal – (L)120 x (W)66 x (H)66 cm External – (L)127 x (W)73 x (H)85 cm Weight 15 kg When folding please ensure that the folding handle is turned before pulling up to fold. Mattress size 119 x 59 cm optional extra – (not included) This travel cot includes a foam base which is also used as the mattress, an additional safety mattress can be purchased should you wish to add additional comfort, the size that you require for this travel cot is 119 x 59 cm

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Talking Storybook from Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version Part 1

Happy 4th Of July everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n1ck2145 requested this! This activity Talking Storybook Which Came first? comes from the gameKids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure which came with my Uncles old Packard Bell Windows For Workgroups 3.11. I decided to do this and the Encyclopedia as a joint project! This video includes the full Talking Storybook activity. This is a fun book to read mostly for little kids. Well anyways this is the version of Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure is the one that came with my Uncles Packard Bell Windows For Workgroups 3.11/MS-DOS 6.2 386 Processor computer he bought in 1995, little less than 2 months before the release of Windows 95! I started playing these games the day before Christmas Vacation 1997 and well i wasn’t able to play them for these past couple of years but now i got them working Great Inside DOSBox. This Activity Talking Storybook is basically a 20 page story book that is read to you on what came first in like a kids book prospective. This video is in two parts for rendering reasons. This is a pretty fun activity to play over again along with the other activities from the other games. This game in all the 6 Adventure games i had was never had another variation. Anyways Enjoy The full Talking Storybook video from Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure. any requests from 3-D Body Adventure, Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure, 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, Speed, Space Adventure, and Undersea Adventure remember message or comment me and i’ll put

Baby Jaz at the Gym

Jasmine at 8 weeks old under her activity gym

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Baby Gorilla and Human Babies/Children toys play

Babies and Children – Gorilla and Human get acquainted Thegorilla (gorilla gorilla) is the largest of all living primates. These African apes are divided into two species and 4 or 5 subspecies. Their DNA is 97-98% identical to that of humans and they are considered the next closest relative after the chimpanzee. Gorillas can be over 6 feet tall and weight over 500 lbs. They are highly intelligent. Some such as Koko have been taught a subset of sign language. They use tools for a number of purposes. Colo in the Columbus zoo is over 50-years old and the first gorilla born in captivity. The Columbus Zoo, Ohio, is number 1 in the country USA Travel Guide (Columbus Dispatch 2009.03.01 p. A3) APE VIDEOS: GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 1 GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 3 GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 2 GORILLA ATTACKS – PUSHES FRIEND IN WATER BONOBO RECOGNIZES HERSELF IN CAMERA VIEWER Bonobo-A Greeting From A Rare, Endangered, Human-Like Ape Bonobo Display-Male bonobo, the peaceful ape displays Bonobo closest species to human walk upright “wear clothes” World’s Largest Chimpanzee WORLD’S FIRST GORILLA BORN IN CAPTIVITY Ape vs. Monkey GORILLA PLAY “ATTACKS” JACK HANNA, ZOO DIRECTOR EMERITUS WORLD’S FIRST

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Baby can be so funny

My 6 months old baby’s activity. She’s doing so much things.

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After school activities part 1

Djanira’s afterschool activity dancing class. This was the last class of the season. new season starts after the holidays, and then other kids get their turn.

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Nitara in activity centre

Nitara in activity centre @ 3mths old

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Hubbard and his Baby Smashing Tech revised version

This is a replacement video with new audio at the end to comply with a copyright issue. Otherwise this is the same exact video that was Added: November 16, 2008, 11:00 PM that had 748 views, 17 comments, 52 ratings showing 5 stars as of 2/04/09 when I had to delete it in order to fix the issue. Intro: Gold Base is the place for me Cult livin’ is the life for me Slaves spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Los Angeles, just give me that cess pool side. Los Angeles is where I’d rather stay I start beatin people out that way I just adore a raw meat view Source I hate you just give me OSA in view …The fear …The queers …Cess pool air …Big Blue there You are my bitch I hate this witch Gold base we are there ———- L. Ron Hubbard doing “Creative Processing” on one of his followers to enable him to overcome the trapping power of babies heads: “LRH: Great reading get my ridge of a good activity. That’s the Ridge of the Assumption, by the way. PC: Sounds very religious LRH: Yes it is. Alright have these two little babies with enormous amount of energy covering them. PC: All right. LRH: Smash ’em together. PC: Yea LRH: Two more babies. Smash ’em together. PC: Yea LRH: Two more babies. Smash ’em together. [etc] ” ————- For all of the research & speculation on the subject of Was L. Ron Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child by Commander Joseph C. “Snake” Thompson? visit: RWT 2008

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Hurry Up! My baby Crawling Race (文文爬行比賽) 2006/8/26

In 8/26/2006, this is the first time to my baby to the crawling competition against with other babes. Although there is no winner for the racing, but it is a fun time to every parents. After this wounderful activity, I figure out that how to catch babe’s attention is not a easy job especially the babe sit on a strange and noisy environment. Whatever you say, it is a happy day.

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