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items on a baby registry?

I am not preggers but a friend and I where tossing ideas around about when we become preggers…
I want to go for a “mostly” secondhand shower. I wanted to encourage guests try to buy the items from Ebay, Craigslist or a Consignment store that are alright to use in used condition…
Am I missing anything essential on my list of items to register/ask for?

Diapers: newborn & larger sizes
Burp cloths
Disposable wipes
Diaper rash cream
Breast milk storage cups
Baby first aid kit
Baby proofing kit
Baby manicure kit
Baby shampoo & cleanser
Pacifiers: newborn & larger size
Bottles: starter pack, extra nipples: newborn & larger size.
Bottle brush
Baby sling
Baby lotion, powder, oil

Diaper pail
Diaper bag: 1 for me, 1 for daddy
Baby monitor
Pack ‘n Play, gender neutral
Breast pump
Boppie & extra cover
Infant bath tub
Hooded towels
Changing table pad & 2 covers
Rocking chair
Swing or bouncy seat, gender neutral
Activity mat (baby gym)
Mobile for the crib
2 to 3 fitted crib sheets
2 waterproof mattress pads
Travel system w/extra base, gender neutral
Onesies; short sleeve & long sleeve
Sleepers; w/ built-in footies, or rompers
Sleeping gowns; w/snap, zip, or cinch closure, some w/ built in mittens
Receiving blankets
Bibs. Some fabric & some waterproof
Swaddlers; 1 small & 1 larger size
Sleep sac

Activity toys fo twin girls!!?

For my twin girls (3 months) my inlaws want to buy for Christmas a baby gym for them to use a little later.
Has anyone any ideas of which kind and where to get them UK please.

baby playing in a baby gym/activity mat

Our daughter enjoyed playing in her Tiny Love Gymini baby gym; batting and kicking the cute hanging jungle animals, watching the blinking flowers and crinkling the elephant’s ears on the play mat. Here she is having a fun time with the baby gym and her parents.

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