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Hubbard and his Baby Smashing Tech revised version

This is a replacement video with new audio at the end to comply with a copyright issue. Otherwise this is the same exact video that was Added: November 16, 2008, 11:00 PM that had 748 views, 17 comments, 52 ratings showing 5 stars as of 2/04/09 when I had to delete it in order to fix the issue. Intro: Gold Base is the place for me Cult livin’ is the life for me Slaves spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Los Angeles, just give me that cess pool side. Los Angeles is where I’d rather stay I start beatin people out that way I just adore a raw meat view Source I hate you just give me OSA in view …The fear …The queers …Cess pool air …Big Blue there You are my bitch I hate this witch Gold base we are there ———- L. Ron Hubbard doing “Creative Processing” on one of his followers to enable him to overcome the trapping power of babies heads: “LRH: Great reading get my ridge of a good activity. That’s the Ridge of the Assumption, by the way. PC: Sounds very religious LRH: Yes it is. Alright have these two little babies with enormous amount of energy covering them. PC: All right. LRH: Smash ’em together. PC: Yea LRH: Two more babies. Smash ’em together. PC: Yea LRH: Two more babies. Smash ’em together. [etc] ” ————- For all of the research & speculation on the subject of Was L. Ron Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child by Commander Joseph C. “Snake” Thompson? visit: RWT 2008

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Science Ocean Bottle Children or Kid Activity | Cullen’s Abc’s

Hithere! You can find lots of ideas for things to do with children and kids over at This is an easy science activity that you and your child can do with a clear plastic bottle, water, baby oil and food coloring. You can even add other things to your ocean like sand, wood, little rubber fish, whatever you want! Activities are fun for you and your child to do around your home … try incorporating themes! You can view many activity videos or post your own ideas on Cullen’s Show & Tell group at For free ideas to support your child’s development at home, free patterns and a short overview video of Cullen’s abc’s go here:

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Uncircumcised versus Circumcised Baby Care(ie still has foreskin or lacking foreskin)

Pediatrician answers: How do I clean my baby’s genitalia? Should I retract it myself? We Americans have been indoctrinated with the belief that whole babies require inordinate amounts of cleaning. Is this really true? How to properly care for your uncut baby(It’s easy!): Protecting your Uncut Son from Medical Personnel: Reversing the epidemic of forcible retractions: FAQs About Foreskin Care: How do I care for my young son’s intact penis? The intact penis needs no special care. The foreskin should never be retracted by force. During the first few years of a male’s life, the inside fold of his foreskin is attached to his glans, very much the way the eyelids of a newborn kitten are sealed closed. The tissue that connects these two surfaces dissolves naturally over time – a process that should never be hurried. The foreskin can be retracted when its inside fold separates from the glans and its opening widens. This usually happens by age 18. Even if the glans and foreskin separate by themselves in infancy, the foreskin still may not be retractable then because the opening of a baby’s foreskin may be just large enough to allow for the passage of urine. The first person to retract a child’s foreskin should be the child himself. A very young boy usually pulls his foreskin outward. This is normal and natural and no cause for concern; he won’t hurt himself. Once a boy discovers that his

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What Babies Can Do: An Activity-Based Guide to Infant Development – DVD Preview from

This movie is a preview of a DVD called “What Babies Can Do: An Activity-Based Guide to Infant Development,” available at It described the movie and presents a sample activity, “Catching.” Can your infant see colors? Recognize objects? Remember things? Researchers have developed many techniques for monitoring infants’ physical and mental development. Many of these methods can be easily adapted to a home setting. This movie is a preview of a DVD that shows you how to explore what your infant does and doesn’t know about the surrounding world at different ages. For more information visit http

Learning Activities for Toddlers

Information about Wowkit’s At Home with Ones activity kits for parents available through

Activity baby acrobat

Emilia 11 month without pampers

Development of Infant Visual Tracking. Activity 1 from What Babies Can Do” DVD

This movie is a selection from the DVD What Babies Can Do: An Activity-Based Guide to Infant Development. The clip shows the first of eight activities. You will see how to test and track the development of a newborn babys ability to follow things with his or her eyes. As with all of the activities in the What Babies Can Do DVD, step-by-step instructions are shown, along with videos of what to expect from infants of different ages. Please note that the video and audio quality are much higher on the DVD itself than in this online video clip. For more information, contact us at or visit our website

Gingerbread Baby

Friday Book Reviews return for 2009. This week we’re talking about Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. You can find extension activities for this book by visiting us at

Childern’s Gymnastics Classes Baltimore MD HoppinTots Children Gym

(410) 337-7012 Childern’s Gymnastics Classes Baltimore MD Birthday Parties Parent Child Baby Drop Off Programs Toddler Kids Parents Night Out Open Gyms Summer 2 Hour Drop Off HoppinTots Childrens Gym is designed especially for the young child (ages 4 months to 6 years). We offer a variety of programs including parent-participation classes, 45-minute and 1-hour gymnastics classes without parents and 1-1/2 and 2-hour drop-offs. The HoppinTots staff is made up of extremely dedicated, very experienced instructors who are committed to making sure each childs experience is a positive one. We will also do our best to ensure that each parent has a wonderful experience at HoppinTots. We feel it is important to start children on the right track to a healthy life. We want them to learn that physical activity is FUN. They will, in the process, develop body awareness and control, coordination, agility and listening and social skills. Equally important to the physical benefits, are the self-confidence and self esteem your child will gain by learning skills in a safe, fun and stress-free atmosphere.

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