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What kind of things do you do with your baby?

I have a 4 1/2 month old…I talk and sing…she loves her jumper and plays with her baby gym…go for walks….just wondering what other things parents do with their children at this age.

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Push and Ride vs. Activity Walker for 6 month old baby toys.?

My son is just over 6 months. He has been sitting on his own for nearly two months, and pulling up to stand for 2 weeks (though wabbles and needs something to steady him. I wonder if these toys are appropriate. It says 6 months/9 months and up on the little tikes push and ride/acticity walkers. Also I am looking for some simple and inexpensive developmental toys. We have a play gym and activity jumper but he gets bored. These days he just sits down, leans forward and pushes with his legs as though to stand up – falls forward on to his face and continues to push with his legs- butt in the air pushing his face along the bed (until he gets frustrated that he can’t get far). He is so curious, I want to give him something to foster this curious nature AND let him get mobile. Any toy suggestions and comments on the mobility aids would be awesome! Thanks

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    Baby Product Review (Part 1 of 3)

    SORRY for the lack of intro to this video. We forgot to film it haha!!! The camera was on pause. So it jumps right in without a “hello!” Let me know if you have any other questions about the products I show. Things I should add: -Medela has a 1 year warranty on all breast pump motors. -We use Johnson’s bath and body products; Head to toe baby wash, and sleepy time baby lotion and massage gel. The sleepy time products smell incredible and are supposed to help relax your baby before bed-time or naps. I would highly suggest getting these products. They are fine to use on newborns as well. -The Fisher Price bath we are currently using is available at Babies R Us and Target. -Leah is eating Gerber foods but we are planning on switching her to Earth’s Best because all of their food is organic (and I am sick of not being able to find certain flavors of gerber in organic!) -The formula Leah is on is Similar Isomil. It is a soy formula. She is still mostly breastfed but when she does get formula this is what she gets. The formula is specially made to prevent gas and fussiness, and is great for babies with GERD. -Leah is not too interested in taking pacifiers but her favorite has always been newborn soothies. They are available at most hospitals and Babies R Us and Target. Playtex also makes a similar shaped pacifier that works just as well. -Medela, bumbo, playtex, gerber, pampers, earth’s best, boppy, and more are all products available at Target. REMEMBER that they are cheaper

    Is it too late for an activity gym?

    My daughter just turned 5 months and she loves to reach for things n grab them. Ive been wanting to get her an activity gym for a while now but just couldn’t. On certain activity gyms it says they are birth to 6 months. Is it too late or is another toy recommended?
    Or maybe one of those saucer/jumper things?? some of them start off as a activity mat….

    Instructions for baby einstein activity jumper?

    My sister in law let me borrow her jumper and it is not set up properly and I need an instruction manuel to fix it but can’t seem to find one! Anyone know where I can get this?
    Unfortunately I tried the website with no luck! i tried searching all my usuals but, no luck! Just wondering if anyone else knows somewhere!

    What is the best jumper/activity center for baby?

    I am looking for a jumper or activity center ( Fisher Price Jumperoo, etc. ) for my four month old daughter. There are so many available, I was hoping to get a few opinions from parents who have been happy with theirs.

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