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Go, Baby, Go!™ Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle™ It’s a jungle full of active fun—sure to generate squeals of delight while encouraging baby’s developing physical skills. A silly monkey, spinning hippo, and big-eared elephant invite baby to put, take, drop and roll six colorful balls. Sitting, crawling, standing or cruising, there’s plenty of musical, light-up, sing-along fun and lots of busy activities to explore!

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Baby can be so funny

My 6 months old baby’s activity. She’s doing so much things.

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Nitara in activity centre

Nitara in activity centre @ 3mths old

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Baby Toddler CD1 Bob McGrath is one of the original hosts on Sesame Street. These songs are from two of Bob’s CD’s: The Baby Record and Songs and Games for Toddlers. Research shows that singing and playing rhythmic games with your baby develops language, concentration, listening skills, emotional expressions, self confidence and, discipline. In fact there is likely no other natural activity that will benefit your baby’s physical, intellectual and emotional growth more than the kind of activities and songs on this recording. Both CD’s are available at:


[11.13.2009] Just a few thoughts I had about the need to construct an environment of mental protection. Sorry about the whirley-cam, but i think you can still get the message out of it. This is mostly a call to action, because after having done this activity, I’ve become so much more aware of the mental controls that we walk into and out of, when interacting with public places – gyms, schools, driving – everywhere there is something trying to steal away your footing on reality by introducing some nonsense, obviously trying to sell you some immediate gratification, but also trying to make you more susceptible to being controlled. Thoughts, suggestions welcome. With Love

Baby Einstein Activity Gym Music?

My son has the Baby Einstein playmat with the star that plays music by Bach and Beethoven. Can anyone tell me the names of the songs it plays? He’s crazy about it! Thanks.

which activity gym should i buy?

if your baby has one tell me what kind. im debating if i should get the one with music or the one with toys. which does your baby like?

Kindermusik Activity for you and baby

Here’s a simple activity you can do with your baby, set to the Kindermusik song “Dance, Little Baby”. The activity stimulates your baby’s vestibular system. What does that mean? It’s his or her sense of balance — an important part of learning to walk. …Plus, this is a fun little way to make your baby giggle!

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