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Go, Baby, Go!™ Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle™ It’s a jungle full of active fun—sure to generate squeals of delight while encouraging baby’s developing physical skills. A silly monkey, spinning hippo, and big-eared elephant invite baby to put, take, drop and roll six colorful balls. Sitting, crawling, standing or cruising, there’s plenty of musical, light-up, sing-along fun and lots of busy activities to explore!

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Baby Gorilla and Human Babies/Children toys play

Babies and Children – Gorilla and Human get acquainted Thegorilla (gorilla gorilla) is the largest of all living primates. These African apes are divided into two species and 4 or 5 subspecies. Their DNA is 97-98% identical to that of humans and they are considered the next closest relative after the chimpanzee. Gorillas can be over 6 feet tall and weight over 500 lbs. They are highly intelligent. Some such as Koko have been taught a subset of sign language. They use tools for a number of purposes. Colo in the Columbus zoo is over 50-years old and the first gorilla born in captivity. The Columbus Zoo, Ohio, is number 1 in the country USA Travel Guide (Columbus Dispatch 2009.03.01 p. A3) APE VIDEOS: GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 1 GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 3 GIANT CHIMPANZEE, HUMAN-SIZED, MYSTERIOUS NEW SPECIES PART 2 GORILLA ATTACKS – PUSHES FRIEND IN WATER BONOBO RECOGNIZES HERSELF IN CAMERA VIEWER Bonobo-A Greeting From A Rare, Endangered, Human-Like Ape Bonobo Display-Male bonobo, the peaceful ape displays Bonobo closest species to human walk upright “wear clothes” World’s Largest Chimpanzee WORLD’S FIRST GORILLA BORN IN CAPTIVITY Ape vs. Monkey GORILLA PLAY “ATTACKS” JACK HANNA, ZOO DIRECTOR EMERITUS WORLD’S FIRST

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Baby can be so funny

My 6 months old baby’s activity. She’s doing so much things.

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Nitara in activity centre

Nitara in activity centre @ 3mths old

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playing in baby einstein activity center

claire knows how to play it now

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Eebee Adventure Play Mat & Activity Play House

A video review of the Eebee Adventure Play mat & Activity Play House. See it in action before you buy it! Visit Now What Baby (dot com) to read and watch product reviews.

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Soulja Boy ft. Drake – Play Ball w/ Lyrics [Paranormal Activity Mixtape]

Soulja Boy [Chorus] Cash Money, fast money, everyday Im paper chasing, trying to get the dollars, Gucci Louie, Dolce Gabbana, Yes its Young money, Were SOD Money Gang, SOD money gang, its time to play ball play ball, play ball play ball, play ball play ball, play ball [Drake] I got money to the cloud at the top looking down, I love this game I will never foul out, b-tch I go hard call me MVP, and n-ggas gon hate cos they envy me, Im making money, Take yourself a picture when Im standing at the mound, and I swear its going down, Im just repping for my town, off a cup of cj gibson, man Im faded off to Brown, im easily influenced by the n-ggas Im around, see that aston martin when i start it hear the sound, i aint never graduated aint got no cap and gown, but the girls in my class who were smart enough to pass be at all my f-cking parties, grabbing money off the ground, [Drake] Yeah, all hell mr lyrical, spades of the opus baby, what you got a feeling for, I can show you new things, how you feeling spiritual, Pastor Kerney Thomas to these hoesmiwacles! yeah ok they say that Im the one in fact, they say that im they favourite but i aint hearing none of that, im all about my team hoe, young money running back, cash money superstar, where the f-ck is stunna at? Damn [Soulja Boy] I just got a new deal, I aint talking pickle, Im outside the cell, while you boys just sickle, soulja boy and superman, the hip hop hero, sucking all over my body, call her mosquito, the cheese is all

Berk is playing with his activity table-Chicco Modo

Baby Berk is playing with his activity table-Chicco Modo.

Chicco DJ Baby Walker – Kiddicare

See this now on – We won’t be beaten on price. The DJ baby walker has a height-adjustable frame that follows the child’s growth. It has four wheels, the front of which swivel, and six brakes, technically called “stoppers”, which make the baby walker approved to European regulations and block it in the proximity of steps. It features a dual-use colourful electronic toy, with many lights and fun music, which can be detached from the baby walker and fitted to the bumper bar of the stroller. When closed, it occupies very little space. Features The DJ baby walker has four swivel wheels and a height adjustable frame. It comes with a set of six brakes, technically defined as “stoppers” that prevent the frame from toppling down steps. It has a colourful electronic activity toy which has many lights and cheerful melodies; this can be detached from the baby walker’s activity tray and attached to the bumper bar of a pushchair. It develops baby’s musical skills. Multi-activity toy develops baby’s motor and sensory skills. It occupies very little room once folded. Folds flat for travelling or storing. Dimensions Folded: (D)79 x (W)66 x (H)24 cm Open: (D)79 x (W)66 x (H)47/51 cm Weight 4.5kg Suitable from approx 6 mths – walking unaided or weighing no more than 12 kg

Baby Einstein Play Gym Activity Mat Review

Thinking about getting the Baby Einstein Play Gym (Activity Mat)? Check out this review first.. -Colleen-

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