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Kolcraft Baby Sit & Step

Kolcraft Baby Sit & Step

Activity mats/gyms?

Noah will be 10 weeks on Friday and is really starting to notice toys that are hanging from his swing and bouncer. I wanted to get him an activity gym(preferably one that works for while he’s on his back and also tummy time). Do you mommies have any suggestions or favorites?

I was looking at this one but it has a couple bad reviews. So any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

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Did you get your baby a activity mat when they were young?

My son is 2w 3d old and really doesn’t focus on anything or kick his legs but he loves moving his arms and stuff so i bought him a activity mat it wont be here until he is a few days over 3w’s when do you think he will actually start playing with the toys hanging about him?

What is the best activity center for my baby?

My baby is almost 4 months old. She is beginning to reach out at toys. She likes to stand up on my lap and supports her head well. What kind of activity center will be the best as she gets older? A bouncer, swing, excersaucer?

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