THE GYM Armonk, NY – Get Golf Fit Part 2

WHOLE IN ONE: HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Complete Golf Training Program Lowers Scores, Increases Strength, Helps Prevent Injury Armonk, NY (February 2, 2009) Golf has jokingly been referred to as a strenuous activity rather than a sport, but those in the know understand that the game requires considerable strength, flexibility and muscle control. Stronger bodies play better golf. With the golf season approaching, THE GYM offers its 12 week Golf Training Program, developed specifically to maximize golfing skills and minimize the risk of injury. The program will train golfers to hit their strokes with power and precision. THE GYM understands that swinging a club involves the entire body, so its essential to exercise the muscle groups used throughout the season and even during the winter months. We improve players range of motion and control on the course because we address the particular mechanics of golfing, said Nick Cerone, Fitness Director at THE GYM. Participants develop their elasticity and muscular strength, leading to more powerful and consistent swings for longer, straighter shots. The Golf Training Program focuses on personal training, Kinesis and Advanced Isolated Stretching techniques to help golfers improve their balance, posture and efficiency. Kinesis employs unique grips, cable and weight stacks to help golfers perform 250 different integrated motions, focusing in particular on hip and trunk muscle groups, which help improve driving, putting and short games

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