Trikke 3 wheels of fitness and fun

The Trikke 3 wheeled cambering vehicle is the latest fitness ride. It is a full body workout on wheels. Ann Sheridan, Sports Physical Therapist The Trikke is a fabulous, non impact athletic activity. It has the same body motion as skiing, Snowboarding, surfing. When you don’t have access to the snow you actually go onto the streets and train for these sports. Aerobically you are using you upper and lower extremities simultaneously as supposed to other sports like cycling, running or inline-skating you are just use your lower extremities. So with Trikke you reach your aerobic level much faster. John Simpson, President of Trikke Tech Inc. What I love about the Trikke is that you can use you whole body for the work-out you getting. I can start with my arms by pushing or I can let my arms relax and switch to just a leg work out, or use a combination of everything: but, abs, gluts. I can do this miles low impact and real fun! Greg Joujon-Roche, Hollywood Personal Trainer At Holistic fitness we have done: James Bond, Striptease, Spiderman, Rock and Roll stars, Keane Reaves we have trained them all. According to the movie type we have to get the actor in shape for the character. We try to do have a good time and the Trikke helps us in getting there. At Holistic fitness I always try to go outdoors, I’m definitely not into gyms. Take the woman’s body for example, you need lateral motion to get rid of the hips and Trikke is all about using you butt!! When we go outdoors we get them

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  • Elk4758:

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • Death2Fairy:

    I have that!

  • drifty300:

    I got one of those for christmas!

  • Jorisdl:

    Good for you Drifty…. And how does it ride? Do you get the hang if already?

    Trikke on…..

  • drifty300:

    Sadly, I haven’t had to many chances to use it. But I am getting the hang of it. It’s fun to ride 🙂 I can’t wait till I improve my speed!

  • Jorisdl:

    Okay man, good luck practicing and I’m looking forward to your first Youtube video 😉

  • 145014355:

    do you have to go down hill to make it go?

  • Jorisdl:

    No you don’t, you move forward by your own swing. By rocking the steering column from left to right and steering in the same direction you can generate forward momentum. When you put you body into the centre of the turn you can go faster. It’s an easy yet technigal ride that keeps challenging you. Top speed on the flats is around 19 mph, when I ride an hour or two my average is around 13mph. Just type search for trikke in youtube and you can find loads of movies…

  • BenedictusXIII:

    All of the people in the movie are riding without airtires. I’ve a trikke without airtires too and I find it not realy comfertable. I don’t know the roads out there but normal asfalt is still a bitt bumpy. So make sure you’ve realy smooth roads in your near environment.

  • galactcthas:

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  • BeachBoxVideo:

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  • Ygraine:

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  • blkjakk:

    Yyou’re right, without the air tires, you do NOT want to hit a samll rock, stone, twig, or any rough surface. I ridge the new 2008 T-8 air. I can ride through small puddles, rough asphalt, uphill(not really steep, though) and run over pebbles, sticks and it does not bother me. It took me about 15 min. to really get the hang of riding, and I invite you guys to visit my MySpace TRIKKE page. my username is oakridgetrikker

  • luizpigeon:

    trikke realmente deve ser maravilhoso andar nesse veiculo.

  • 125meadowbrook:

    i hate this thing it goes about 4 miles per hour ~>:(

  • Jorisdl:

    just keep practicing and you an get it up to 20 mph!

  • 125meadowbrook:

    hhhmmm.. the manuel said 18. interesting…

  • Jorisdl:

    If you practice even more then 21 is reachable on smooth concrete and with the PU wheels mounted…

  • dixichyna:

    Whish trikke do you recommend for first timers?

  • Jorisdl:

    That depends on you length. Normal adults can start on a T78 or a T8. The T12 is the best pick for more skilled Trikke riders, not for the novice riders. The T67s can be a good choice if you are a bit smaller and if you have a perfectly smooth surface to ride on. The T67 comes with PU wheels (hard) the T78 and T8 come with air tires.

  • g4gbrooks:

    i agree, we will be adding a movie of us in the mall (flat ground) on a t8. We reach 22 mph. we show the full GPS readout too. its awesome.

  • prityladey:

    Passing on your right…I mean left…I mean right. Oh screw it, I’ll get rollerblades. 🙂

  • flyguy75140:

    After checking out many videos and I knew I was going to get one; I decided on the T12. I dont see enough of a challenge to it for me to ever start off with a smaller one. Go for the biggest and badest if you know you are eventually going to upgrade. I live on a rough county road and the larger tires are worth it.

  • timesaversetc:

    can someone who has bad balance ride this? Which one?

  • Jorisdl:

    When you can walk and when you can hold the handlebar, then yes you can! I’ve had people with no bike experience riding this machine.

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