We are setting up a private nursery and would like parents to give us their opinion on our prices and services?

The nursery will be open from 7.30am til 5.30pm monday to friday.
We will provide the children will breakfast, dinner and tea, and healthy snacks during the day. Also we will provide nappies and wipes for the children who require them. Our baby room will include cots, highchairs, pushchairs, moses baskets, baby bouncers, rocking horses, musical gyms and many other toys and games. Our toddler room will include tables and chairs, beanbags, ready beds for children who will be having naps, also we will have a rage of toys and activities which will be both fun and educational. Our pre-school room will include tables and chairs, child friendly computers, educational books, also we will have paints and many other activities. We will have a garden which will be fully secured and child friendly. We will have a playground on grass which will consist of swings, slides, seasaws. Also we will have a green corner where the children can plant and grow their own flowers. We will be chargeing £40 for the full day and £20 for people only needing half a day, Also we will be offering a discount for people who recomend friends and family. We would really appriciate it if you could give us your oppinions on this. Thank you, chelsea & callan.

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  • hayley:

    i would reccomend opening until 6 as this is what most nurseries do to accomodate working parents. the prices sound a bit higher than average but that depends what area you are in. you could look up near by nurseries and enquire about their prices. full time places are usually offered a discount. where i work it`s 38 per day and 18 for half a day. there should also be different fees for under 2`s and over 2`s as the staff ratio is higher for under 2`s so it will cost you more staffwise. one advantage of your nursery is that you provide nappies and wipes, most nurseries dont do this

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