What activities to do for 5 month old to stimulate?

Hello, we are 5 months and we roll around, and scoot and get easily bored with our toys. What else I can do to stimulate her? we play with the ball, activity gym mat, and got stacking rings and lots of rattles and teething toys. But seems she is bored with them – we been having same stuff since she was 2 months. We do not have money to buy any additional toys since I quit my job to stay with her, but I am running out of ideas. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks to all, we will start spending more time outside then.

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  • Furry Mummy:

    Get out of the house as much as possible. Take her for walks in the park, the mall…any where that she will see other people and experience new sights and sounds. Even a blanket in the backyard is big fun to a 5 month old.

    At home try singing to her, reading, or carrying her around in a sling while you go about your day. She will love experiencing what you do throughout the day.

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