What are the best activities for 7 month old babies?

I have a baby boy who’s starting to discover things. Where can I bring him? Can I enroll him to baby classes? Will the zoo be attractive for him?

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  • Andrea:

    Sensory activities at this age are very good stimulus for your baby. Just as described in earlier posts, the grass, the sand and other things he can touch are great sensory activities. You may even try musical instruments where your son may get a reaction from things such as a drum, tambourine, or maracas. As for Gymboree, I highly suggest it since it incorporates all of these things as well as motor skills (movement) development.

    A word of warning though, all children, and I do mean all will want to experience the world by tasting it. Please watch your son when he plays so he doesn’t eat anything and also when he is around other children, as I would not like to see him get sick.

    I wish you all the best, may you and your son have a learning experience!

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