What did you feel for prelabour symptoms and when?

I want to know what people felt in the weeks leading up to labour, like emotions, pain, intuitions, etc.

Is this normal prelabour activity?
-baby dropped
-lost my mucus plug
-constant lower back ache
-more frequent bowel movements
-feeling like you just want to cry for no reason
-going nuts and cleaning
-just having a feeling that labour will start sometime soon
-tightness of the abdomen
-pelvic and vaginal pressure

Thanks 🙂

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3 Responses to “What did you feel for prelabour symptoms and when?”

  • yummymummy:-):

    im 36 weeks pregnant and baby has dropped, causing sharp pains now and then,lots of pressure, i cry anyway about things i have no reason 4! lol, but i laugh at myself after,last week all i wanted to do was walk about and clean! this week complete opposite.lol.apart from that all the others are signs what ive heard other pregnant women mension. x

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