What is a fair price to ask for babysitting?

I babysit in my home, I currently ask 15.00 a day for this, per child. They bring the child’s food and drinks. With the prices of everything else going up, I am debating going up on my prices as well, is 20.00 a day fair? I read to the children, take them to the park, have educational activities for them to do and so forth and so on. Most of my kids are here at least 10 hours a day.Some more. I only watch 3 at this time and will not babysit more than 5 at a time, no babies. Just 2-4 year olds and 1 seven year old in the summer too. So what do you pay for childcare? and is 20.00 ok? I contacted some local daycares and they ask much more, but I am not a daycare, so to speak. Thanks for your help..
I wanted to add, I am cpr and first aide cert. ๐Ÿ™‚
Ref:to Thefunn I live in a small town in Virginia and people around here cannot afford to pay those astronomical rates, our factories have shut down and there are many unemployed. I wouldn’t feel right trying to charge so much to folks who can’t afford that. And if I did charge those kind of rates, I wouldn’t have any children to babysit because no-one would bring their children here, they couldn’t pay that.

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  • angelbaby:

    I think you could definitely up it to $20! My daughter has been going to the same sitter since 8 months old, she is now 2 1/2. My sitter asked $20 a day. She has her at her home, about 8 1/2 hrs. a day, all week (5 days). I try to provide most of her food and drink, and the sitter is very good about doing activities and things with her, just as you do. I don’t mind paying $20 a day at all, sometimes I feel like I should be paying more, cuz she’s well worth it! You are right, daycare is much more expensive. Here it is now $34 a day for my daughter’s age! I’ll gladly pay the $20 any day… So yes, I think it would be no big deal to up your price to $20. With the amount of time you have them, and all you do, it is quite fair.

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