What is the best jumper/activity center for baby?

I am looking for a jumper or activity center ( Fisher Price Jumperoo, etc. ) for my four month old daughter. There are so many available, I was hoping to get a few opinions from parents who have been happy with theirs.

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  • CourtneyRose:

    We tried an exersaucer and the baby Einstein jumper and Jack did not really take to any of them. He liked them at first but then became bored. So what worked for us was putting Jack on the floor in his boppy and putting out an array of toys that he could pick from and play with. This way we could also change the toys as he got over them.

    However, my friend has a Fisher Price jumperoo and her baby LOVES it. He is nine months now and you can look at him and ask if he wants to bounce and he starts bouncing, it is so cute!! We tried putting Jack into that one as well and he still became bored. So out of the three that I have experienced, I think the Fisher Price jumperoo is the best but I think it also depends on the baby.

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