What’s A Good Activity Center For Infants?

Hello. I am looking for a really good, and really decent activity gym (or activity center depending on where you search) for my infant son. He is only two weeks old now, so I’d like something he could use for the next year – or more.

We’ve looked at the baby einstein ones and can’t decide if it’s something he’d like or not. We’ve also checked Walmart, Babies ‘R Us, KMart, etc. and just can’t decide.

I would like a really bright and fun one, with a tummy mat and lots of things to keep his attention. Also something that’s fairly easy to put together as well as something that’s fairly easy to keep clean and maintain.

Thank you very much! If it’s easier you can also yahoo messanger me with any suggestions – I’m almost always online. Thanks again in advance!

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  • megan_79:

    This is the one I have and can be used for a long time because it changes into different "activies":

    I love it. Plus, the "bars" are strong enough so I can use the little round hook things to hang different toys from it from time to time so she doesn’t get bored with the ones on it. It has a ladybug that lights up and plays songs nad a mirror and a few other hanging things. I love it!!

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