Different Winter activities with babies?

I live in MN and it gets cold in the winter, so besides playing with toys, reading and singing, what are some good ideas for activities with my 8 month old daughter? Any tips will help. Today we went and got construction paper and Halloween cookie cutters and traced them and cut them out to make decorations around the house, but the only part she liked was playing with the cookie cutters. Thanks!

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  • meenakshi:

    * try stuff with play doh. she’ll enjoy squishing it in her hands & gradually learn to make stuff too.
    * make a "texture tunnel" – use an old shoe box with the ends cut out into windows where you can insert your hand in. keep stuff inside – it could be anything you want her to learn, eg. fabric, wool, metal, toy, watch, etc. etc. Without showing her, place the article inside the box. then she inserts her hand & tries to name the article correctly……
    * just tear strips from old newspapers or color paper – i’m sure she’ll love the sound & effect….
    * allow her to doodle with crayons
    * use good quality, washable paint to make finger, hand & foot prints with her.
    * let her play with cooked noodles/spaghetti – a bit messy, but an 8-mth old kid will adore it. you can do this with colored satin ribbons too.
    * you can put beads of different sizes in different types of small containers. let her enjoy the sounds they create.
    * make little finger or hand puppets & make up characters – use plenty of different sounds & actions.

    hope these help you get started
    have fun ;-))

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