Would this be okay to use for my cats?

I have 2 cats that LOVE little dangly plush toys. A friend of mine has one of those baby play mat things with little toys that dangle down. Her son has outgrown it and she asked me if i wanted it for the cats. Since she’s willing to give it to me I thought well, why not see if they like it? Is there any danger in letting my cats play with something like that as long as I inspect all the pieces to see if there is anything they could choke on? Here is a link to the type of play mat I’m talking about. It’s not the exact one but it’s close. Thanks for your opinions!


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  • MimiEllie &Peanut:

    With the safety standards that they have on baby toys these days, I would think that the cats would be fine with it. And that toy is made for young babies. You might even be able to figure out a way to connect catnip filled cat toys to it. I think they would love it. I still have one in my attic. I might bring it down and let the cats try it. Thanks.

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